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Glow Queen (facial oil)

Our Glow QUEEN facial oil is a great combination of nutritious oils for the skin. This oil can be used after cleanse and before moisturizer.  This product can be used on all skin types. This products softens and hydrates the skin without clogging the pores.



Hydrates the skin, improves texture of skin, helps soften skin. Giving a glow


How to use: Apply 3-4 drops to your face, pat into the skin for absorbance. Use daily for absorbance. 


Size: 1 oz


Care: keep out of direct sunlights


Ingredients: Jojoba oil, Sweet almond oil, Vitamin E oils, Sunflower seed oil, Rosehip oil,  Dried Rose petals



This product is not FDA approved. Please read ingredients carefully and use with caution. If irritation occurs please discontinue use. This products is not used to cure diseases. A. Queen is not responsible for any trashes, burns to the skin.

Glow Queen (facial oil)


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